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Important Dates

June 1 - 7/8s to Port High

June 2 - Baseball Tournament and Recipe in a Jar Pick up. Archie orders due

June 3 - Pizza Lunch, Grade 7/8 Immunizations

June 4 - BBQ at Tendercuts

June 7 - Archie's lunch

June 8 - Grade 7/8 Binbrook and Evening Workshop

June 9 - Grade 4 - 6 Binbrook

June 10 - PD Day - No school

June 14 - Pizza Orders Due, DSBN Track Meet

June 15 - Primary Classes to HH Knoll

June 16 - Special Olympics, kindergarten trip, Hot dog orders due

June 17 - Pizza lunch, kindergarten Father's Day celebration

June 20 - Primary Trip

June 21 - Parent Council, pizza orders due

June 22 - hotdog lunch

June 23 - Pizza with the Principal

June 24 - Talent Show, Pizza lunch

June 28 - Report Cards home

June 29 - Last day of school





  • If you require general transportation information please go to www.nsts.ca   or call Niagara Student Transportation Services at 905-346-0290. 

  • For other DSBN information please visit www.dsbn.org or call 905-641-1550 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

  • For Dreambox Math click here Dreambox


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Welcome to the DeWitt Carter Public School Website. We hope this website will further strengthen the connection between school, home, and our community. DeWitt Carter Public School is located on Fares Street in Port Colborne. We are the only public school located on the East Side of the Welland Canal. DeWitt Carter is currently home to over 230 students from junior Kindergarten to Grade eight. For a more in depth history of DeWitt Carter Public School, please have a look at our School History Page.


Affordable, Convenient Music Lessons!🎵 Back in person for 22-23!

Registrationis open for the fall. Please visit neimusic.comfor more info and to register.DSBN


Register here for June 1st and June 8th Speaker Events

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 6:30-8pm

Raising Responsible and Independent Children

Hosted by Alyson Schafer

After 2+ years of being home, our children have become accustom to having their parents around managing their affairs. They have become more heavily reliant and dependent on their parents. In this talk, family counsellor and parenting expert Alyson Schafer, will explain the importance of training our children to be self-sufficient and responsible, the price to be paid if we don’t, and then offers the tactics and tools parents can implement right away that will eliminate nagging, reminding and rescuing.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 6:30-8pm

Concussion in children and teens - why we are changing our approach.

Hosted by Stephanie McFarland, OT Reg (Ont.)

A lot has changed in concussion research and care over the past few years. We have learned “rest is not best” when it comes to concussion recovery and the importance of gradual participation in exercise, school and social life to support brain health. There also continues to be a lot of misinformation around concussion prevention, identification and management in children and youth. This session will provide an overview of the most important changes parents and the community need to know about concussion.

Please note that this presentation is being hosted using ZOOM by our presenter, Stephanie McFarland, and your registration information will be received by the Concussion Centre at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

~Sue, on behalf of the DSBN Parent Involvement Committee

Summer Heat

We are pleased to announce DeWitt Carter will be hosting Summer Heat this July for students going into JK to grade 4. Summer HEAT is designed to support students who would benefit most from 3 weeks of literacy and math learning. As well, students with specialized learning needs are encouraged to register for this program as support will be offered.

Phase 1 of registration will open only to DeWitt Carter families during the week of May 16th. After this time, other schools will be offered spots.

Students will need to commit to all three weeks to be accepted into the program.

This link will lead you to the registration page.Dewitt Carter Summer HEAT Registration 2022

Fundraiser - "Recipes in a Jar" - Money raised to go toward technology in the classrooms

These fantastic products make great meals and treats for your whole family (pets included!). They also make excellent gifts. Beautifully packaged products in reusable mason jars, they sell for just $12 each.

Please make payments on school cash online no later than May 23rd (products will be received the week of June 13th).

Book Fair (no longer available)


Our book fair is open for students during the day. If you would like to order online, please use the link above (it is linked directly to our school). The school will be open from 3:00 to 6:00pm on Thursday, April 28th for parents/guardians to come to library to browse and shop.

Dental Screenings Available for Students

After a long interruption, we will once again be partnering with Public Health and offering Dental Screenings for all students at our school. The staff will be visiting us on April 1 and 8th (Dates changed). Attached below is a link with more information for you.

Dental Screening Information for Parents


Celebrating Our Differences Together

From our Intermediates

Created by Bannon

Created by Will

Created by Sheyanne

Created by Macy

Our Grade 2's represented our community using Jacob Lawrence's, "This is Harlem". Check out their use of bold colours, geometric figures and lots of details!



As a community, we need to be committed to ensuring all students' identities are represented and included as we continue to prepare them for life as global citizens in a very diverse world.  Throughout the school year, there are many days and months of significance that are recognized and offer an opportunity to focus on building cultural knowledge of each other’s way of life so that communities stay connected, interrupt biases and to build a supportive network of advocating for one another.

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities. Black communities have been a part of the fabric of Canadian heritage since the 1600s when Mathieu Da Costa arrived. Black communities in Canada have a rich history that highlights the resilience, innovation and determination of Black people on these lands.

Celebrating different aspects of our history and diverse culture does not have to be limited to any specific month and can be highlighted and embedded into the curriculum throughout the year. The Black History Month Slides on the DSBN website is available for educators and families to access resources and ideas to provide meaningful learning opportunities.

In collaboration with Curriculum Support Services, our teachers have access to a list of resources for celebrating Black excellence and history and to augment the activities and lessons that they are planning.


Celebrating Black joy and excellence is about honouring the innovation, legacies, resilience and liberation of Black communities. With this event, we are inviting you to learn and celebrate with us.

Celebrating Black Joy and Excellence community event is part of DSBN’s Building Cultural Knowledge Series and will happen Thursday, February 24 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. This event will feature performances, interviews and guest speakers.

To learn more about the event and to register: https://www.dsbn.org/equity/celebrating-black-joy-and-excellence/ You will receive a link to the event closer to the date.

Please send questions and inquiries to [email protected].


Check out the creativity in the Dragon Den

A few of our intermediate students participated in a book cover contest sponsored by the Port Colborne Library. Check out this link to see more, including the submissions from our school.

Book Contest Winners

In addition, many of our students have been doing beautiful work that we have displayed throughout the school. Check out our bulletin boards.


Parent Information Series

PIC Speaker Series - Event # 5 -

Masterclass in Stress Management - Wednesday, February 23, 2022

As we continue with our Virtual Speaker Series in February, the DSBN Parent Involvement Committee would like to invite you to register for the next event which is taking place on Wednesday, February 23rd, from 6:30-8pm. This ses-sion, A Masterclass in Stress Management for Parents and Caregivers, will walk you through activities that will guide you in supporting your child with their stress. You will explore the fundamentals of stress and resiliency as the first step to understanding, recognizing and applying strategies to manage life’s inevitable ups and downs. We hope you can join us.

Click here to register for A Masterclass in Stress Management


January 24th Letter from Public Health

Please read this letter that Public Health has asked us to share with all of our families.

Parent Letter from Public Health


Kindergarten Registration Time

It is that time of the year again! Time for those of us who have Kindergarten-aged children, who are eligible to begin school in September 2022, to register for School! There is a comprehensive array of resources available to our families to help them navigate how to register and to answer any questions about the process. Please call the school if you want to learn more or need help navigating the on-line information. We are eager to help.

To kick off Kindergarten Registration, we are having a live online Q&A event for parents who have children going into Kindergarten in September 2022.

Kindergarten LIVE – February 3 – 6:00-7:00 p.m.

  • Registration is at dsbn.org and on the Kindergarten website (dsbn.org/kindergarten)
  • Registrants will be sent a link shortly before the event so they can log in
  • Those who register for the LIVE Q&A before January 31 will receive a gift

The event features two DSBN Kindergarten experts (Melanie Sendzik and Kristi Penlington) answering families’ questions over Teams Live. Parents will be able to post their questions to the hosts – but don’t worry – you won’t be on camera, won’t be heard, and questions will only go to the behind the scenes team.

DSBN is looking forward to making this initial contact with parents as a first step in their journey toward sending their child to your school for their very first day. Parents will be encouraged to register for Kindergarten throughout the event, shown how to find their home school, and have general questions answered, that are commonly asked across all our schools.

Visit https://www.dsbn.org and hover over the Early Learners Tab to discover more!

DSBN Academy

DSBN Academy is ready for students to register for the 2022/23 school year!


What to expect:

  • Virtual Open House:The Academy will be hosting a Virtual Open House on Tuesday, February 15th at 6 pm, with program info, a virtual school tour, and a chance for families to ask questions
  • DSBN Academy Promo Video: https://youtu.be/bi6wXiwlPgA

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]


YMCA Virtual Activities

Our local YMCA is now ready to start in-person activities at our school, starting the week of February 7th. This will provide youth with an opportunity for interaction, here in our gymnasium. They will have space for both virtual and in-person interactions. The YMCA has had a successful run with this program so they are hoping that they can provide our students with some of the same entertainment and a place to hang out with friends.  

Mondays - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Ages 10 to 14 years


Dewitt Carter is hosting the YMCA Youth Action Evenings

DeWitt Carter Snow Plow

Once the snow hits the streets, keep your eyes peeled for the Snow Breathing Dragon. It is one of the City of Port Colborne's snow plows that will be working the streets, clearing snow this winter. Some of our intermediate students painted one of the city's plows earlier this month, adorning it with DeWitt Carter logos so the community can see our school spirit. Thank you to the city, and their corporate communications officer, Michelle Idzenga, for making this opportunity happen. Thank you also to Port Paint and Paper for donating the paint to us. take a look at the really great job they did!

Snow Breathing Dragon


COVID On-line Screening

We have sent home a package with every student outlining the new active COVID screening protocol that parent must do every morning with their children, before sending them to school. It is necessary for you to read these instructions carefully and make sure you understand the steps involved in the on-line screening.

1)Page one of the package has a letter explaining the rationale and has a parental agreement portion for you to sign and return by Tuesday, October 12th.

2)Page 2 of the package has a 4-step visual that you can post near your home computer/laptop or on the fridge that shows the process involved in the on-line screening.

3)The last portion of the package is a 4-page document from Public Health with some answers to frequently answered questions people have asked.

Each of these documents is posted below.

Direct Link to Elementary COVID Screening

Parental Agreement

On-line Screening Steps

Frequently Asked Questions


Children and Stress

All of us have some stress in our lives - some more than others. Even our children are not without experiencing this in their lives. Research shows that some level of stress is beneficial for us but that too much can be unhealthy. Additionally, how we handle the stress and talk about this together is of great importance. For some handy tips about talking about stress with your children, see the link below, that was shared from our Youth Counsellor.

Helping Your Child With Stress


School Attendance

As we get started with school, we are hoping you are as excited as we are to be returning. We want to let you know that we are here for you. If you need anything, call us. We will work things out to find a solution. It is really important to have our students here when they are feeling healthy. We know there will be COVID rules to stay home when ill but we hope to reduce attendance issues. Take a peek at the link below... it does not take long to add up when students miss out on school. Please do your best to work with us on this. We are always appreciative of your support.

What Happens When You Miss A Day


Public Health Services

Public Health has had to alter the priority of many of its regular programs and services to deal with the COVID virus, to help protect us and to educate us on precautions. Some of their other traditional programs have had to be altered or postponed for the time being. Below is a link to a letter from Public Health, updating you on the status of some of these services.

Public Health Elementary School Services Update


Day Care Needs In Our Area

The Niagara Region and the District School Board of Niagara work together to determine before and after school child care needs in all of our communities in Niagara. In order to determine the need in a school, it is imperative that parents register on the Niagara Region's Child Care Registry, OneHSH portal at https://niagara.onehsn.com . This only takes a few minutes to complete. For schools like ours, that do not have a before and after child care program, this is the avenue that will be used to determine our needs and begin the process. If you currently use another child care service, it is imperative that you visit the website to register or update your child care needs. If you have any questions, please contact Jackie Galloway at 905-980-6000 Ext. 3817.


Instrumental Music for DSBN Students

(will be returning soon!)

The Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music (NEIM) program offers a unique opportunity for students in grades 3 to 8 to choose from a variety of musical instruments and learn how to play them.  Amongst the choices are different strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments.  The student orchestra will be around to visit our school and an information and registration form will be given to the students. Look for it, coming home shortly.  Additionally, we have attached a link to the NEIM website where there is more complete information about the kinds of instruments available, the costs and the operating of the lessons and rehearsals.  There is also complete contact information available on the website, if you have any further questions.  Don’t miss out on this distinctive and rewarding opportunity!

Check us out at www.neimusic.com




We are always working at improving our instructioanl and intervention strategies in literacy and numeracy. We are committed to:


We have made great gains in literacy but will strive to maintain them by committing to a comprehensive literacy block that focuses on using assessment data to work with students in small groups in reading and writing.


Mathematics will be our narrow focus this year. Staff have committed to deepening their understanding of more intentional mathematics planning and using better questions. This is a strategy that helps our students access their learning of the curriculum more effectively. This learning will unfold over all strands of mathematics.


Helping your Child with Problem Solving


What does a Growth Mindset School look like? 

(Taken from http://www.mindsetworks.com/webnav/whatismindset.aspx)

Administrators support teachers’ learning. They are responsive to honest feedback, rather than defensive. They seek to build their skills, and are willing to learn from their teachers.

Teachers collaborate with their colleagues and instructional leaders, rather than shut their classroom doors and fly solo. They strive to strengthen their own practice, rather than blame others. They truly believe that all students can learn and succeed—and show it.

Parents support their children’s learning both inside and outside the classroom. They partner with teachers, and respond to outreach. They worry less about advocating for their children to get good grades and focus on making sure kids are being challenged and put in the effort needed to grow.

Students are enthusiastic, hard-working, persistent learners. They take charge over their own success.

For more information, Please read the following article:

Growth Mindset Article

Staff will commit to increase their knowledge of technology and how it is used in the classroom as we move towards teaching by how students learn in the 21st century

- Co-create success criteria, rubrics and exemplars with students, and use these regularly as we provide ongoing descriptive feedback that is clear, specific and meaningful to improve student learning and achievement.

- Provide students with multiple opportunities to improve their work and provide modeling on how to identify next steps and set learning goals

- Plan instruction for students based on their learning needs and use the gradual release of responsibility model to build independence, perseverance and responsibility.

- Create an environment that promotes thinking through posing and responding to a wide variety of questions and teaching through critical thinking, inquiry and problem solving.

Finally, we will focus on having students receive ongoing, descriptive feedback based on the success criteria from the teacher and from peers and inquiry-based professional learning that builds capacity, informs instructional practice and contributes to a culture of learning.

If you have questions about what this means, ask a staff member. We need to be in this together. Have a great month!

Mr. T. Acaster, Principal
DeWitt Carter Staff

To access the Code of Conduct, click here

Questions regarding the new Code of Conduct should be directed to the office.